Water Treatment in Birmingham, Alabama

Big E's Plumbing in Birmingham, Alabama, offers professional plumbing services as well as water treatment services and gas repairs. Learn more about how our team quickly handles your water and plumbing issues with our affordable services.

Solutions for Water Problems
You may have hard water where there is scale buildup that causes damage to water-using appliances. This reduces the water flow through pipes. We have a system to take care of that.
There may be chlorine or by-products in your water. We are able to come out and test the water and do a water survey. This will show the issues and determine what treatment will be necessary.
In addition, there may be issues with taste and odor problems in your water. The products we offer are virtually maintenance-free and will solve your water problems. We use no salt or chemicals to condition the water—a reverse osmosis system improves the water quality. People with well water may have concerns with iron and staining, and we have products to solve this issue for you.           

Plumbing & Repairs
We offer quality work done by skilled and licensed tradesmen. We can do all plumbing repairs and new installations, as well as remodels. For remodels, we remove old plumbing if needed and install the new. Sewer and water services are also available.
In addition, we offer drain cleaning for our customers. Once one of our team members has evaluated the plumbing situation, he will explain the problem and the cost of the job. Work can then be completed or an appointment can be made for a later date.
Gas Systems & Repairs
We do pressure tests as required by the gas company if service has been interrupted. This is a safety procedure that will ensure the system is working properly. We also repair gas leaks if present. If replacement is needed, we can handle those as well.

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